IIL PPRc Pakistan

IIL PPRc Pakistan

International Industries Limited, a top 25 KSE Listed Company; was incorporated in 1948 as Sir Sultan Chinoy & Co. Ltd.- a trading company which ventured into the business of manufacturing welded steel pipes and tubes in 1965.

IIL is in the business of producing and marketing of GI Pipe, Steel Tubes and Pipes, API Line Pipe & Polyethylene Line Pipes throughout the world.

The company achieved the landmark of gross sales of more than Rs 15.5 billion during 2009-10 with domestic sales of more than Rs 11.9 billion while the exports figures reached more than US$ 43.27 million. The Company has produced more than 2 million tons of pipe, maintaining its edge as the brand leader in terms of quality and market share in domestic market but also in exports to 30 countries.

Ball Valve PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Clamp PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Concealed Valve PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Cross Tee PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Elbow 45° PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Elbow 90° PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Elbow Female PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Elbow Male PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Endcap PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Globe Valve PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Over Cross PPRc IIL (PN-25)
Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-16) (4 Meters)

Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-16) (4 Meters)

Potable cold water supply, indoor installations; air conditioning & rai..

Rs. 320
Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-20) (4 Meters)

Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-20) (4 Meters)

Potable cold & hot water supply, indoor installations & central hea..

Rs. 390
Plug PPRc IIL (PN-25)
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