Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-20) (4 Meters)

Potable cold & hot water supply, indoor installations & central heating systems. 

Choose your preferred Outer Diameter size to get Price. SDR6

Thickness of Sizes according to Outer Diameter sizes.

20mm Diameter: 3.4mm Thickness

25mm Diameter: 4.2mm Thickness

32mm Diameter: 5.4mm Thickness

40mm Diameter: 6.7mm Thickness

50mm Diameter: 8.3mm Thickness

63mm Diameter: 10.5mm Thickness

75mm Diameter: 12.5mm Thickness

90mm Diameter: 15.0mm Thickness

110mm Diameter: 18.3mm Thickness

Product Information
MaterialPolypropylene Random Copolymer (PPRc)
Made inPakistan

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Pipe PPRc IIL (PN-20) (4 Meters)

  • Rs. 390

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